The Wonders of Waterton

On the outskirts of Wakefield, there is a venue, a venue that not everyone might know about which is the reason I thought I would make you all aware.

Waterton Park Hotel is a venue like no other, as you approach you goes down amongst the Golf Course where you get to a private gate, and nestled in the distance is the Hotel. The hotel is 360 degrees surrounded by water, where in each season of the year it looks completely different, Rain, Snow or Sunshine Waterton Park always looks magical.

Getting to the hotel is easy, a swooping iron bridge takes you from the Carpark over to the Hotel Gardens where you will be welcomed by clean cut lawns, fantastic flowers beds and a stone path leading to the main entrance of Pillars.

There are lots on offer here, regardless of the size of the wedding or even if you fancy a spot of lunch, a few drinks or a health/spa break, but il stick to the weddings.

You have a variety of rooms, on a section of levels and no matter which room it is, there is always something special, even more so the view you get across the Gardens and Lake. If you are getting married and use the top floor, you get the treat of using the magnificent staircase leading up to a large room, with the most beautiful of views out of the window or back down the staircase.


As a photographer I’ve photographed numerous weddings here over the past years, and every time.  I always find a way to make the photos more special than the last time, I have my favourites as seen below but with this venue your Wedding Photos will look ever so special and unique.

There are so many locations a photographer can use, I could get carried away.

To be honest, our little secret, it’s in my TOP 3 venues to work at as a wedding photographer.

Are you looking to use Waterton Park?

If you are using this venue to get married, please let me have the opportunity to visit the place with you and see how we can make your wedding photos that extra little more special.

Would love to hear from you, Luke

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