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The most important part of a Wedding day, and if you don’t agree with me on this then you may need a re think (jokes). The most important part of the day, it’s not a major part of the activities where everyone is involved, but actually a part of the day, more a specific person of the wedding day, a crucial member of the party being the bride.

The Bride is, and must be the centre of attention, and generally if the Bride is happy then the day will go very well, unless of course it rains, but even still a bit of rain can add the special part of Romance to some couples big day.

As a photographer I have been to a number of weddings, and worked with a number of venues, suppliers, and brides and working relationships are important.

As a Bride, you have that special wedding dress, unique set of flowers, and then of course the hair and makeup.

A bride must feel relaxed on her wedding day, and look absolutely stunning and a key part to this is the Wedding Hair and Makeup.

Someone whom as built a good reputation in Wedding Hair is my sister, numerous weddings under her belt and amounts of praise, and the support on facebook shows this.

If you haven’t yet booked a Wedding Hair stylist, then please contact my sister.

Thanks, LW

Please see her Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/EllaLouiseHairstyling

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