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It’s a bit of a special one this wedding, it’s my sister’s wedding. As you can imagine as a Wedding Photographer I have done lots of Wedding photos, for a wide range of happy couples from all sorts of different backgrounds and races in a variety of locations in the Uk and Europe, but this one is my sisters so the pressure was on.

When I found out Chris and Ella were to be married I was over the moon, I guess it would have been silly or unreasonable if I wasn’t asked to attend the Wedding with my right hand man, my trusty Canon Camera.

I had been asked, which was music to my ears to be a groomsman alongside Chris, and the other gents. With this in mind my sister employed another wedding photographer with my help, leaving certain parts of the day for me to photograph or the ‘ money shots ‘ you could call them, the ones everyone will look at, the ones that will be framed on the wall, the photos of the Bride and Groom alone.

So the day of the wedding was good, and I’m talking from a photographers perspective good means the rain didn’t make an appearance. My sister looked stunning in her wedding dress and it was a day that won’t be forgotten, all the family and close friends were together and it was a day of celebration.

The Church ceremony was a special, the Church me and my sister attended in our childhood with my Mum and Nan, a place close to our hearts.

Anyway, it was odd for me, most weddings I’m generally hidden behind the Camera so been able to experience a Wedding in full was great.

The church ceremony finished, and off to Wentbridge I drove with my girlfriend. We was the first to arrive, and I generally didn’t know what to do with myself this whole being a Wedding guest was well out of my comfort zone, except I enjoyed relaxing, spending time with my Family, drinking the Fizz, and eating the Canopes.

The photographer she had booked did his thing, and then it was my time to shine, the Bride and Groom photos. I won’t say too much about this, I will post a few below for you to enjoy.

After the photos it was time for the formal wedding breakfast, and the speeches. It was the first time for me at Wentbridge but I do give full credit to all the staff, the bar staff, the catering, and the kitchen staff its easily a 5* service all round.

I’m not quite sure if I was more worried than my sister, but my dad was doing a speech…. Luckily it wasn’t that bad.

The day ended with the night doo, more family and friends of Ella and Chris arrived, everyone got merry and had a fantastic time.

Lots of Love Luke x

If you are thinking of getting married at Wentbridge, I would love the opportunity to share your special day with you at such an amazing venue, and be able to capture some the memories for you that are cherished for a lifetime.

Full credit to the venue;

Wentbridge House Hotel

The great North Road

Wentbridge, Pontefract

West Yorkshire




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